Helping Farmers. Growing Community.

Our Mission:

Help Farmers.

Grow Community.

We  are here to enhance the experience of the Glens Falls Farmers Market for both the farmers and the community.


Our Mission

The Friends of the Glens Falls Farmers Market (FOMA) was organized to support the growth and community value of the Farmers Market.  Food is central to families and communities.  How food is grown helps shape the environment, the health content of the food and the health of the consumers. Help us grow the community through volunteer, internships and more.

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Our Impact

FOMA intends to facilitate linkages between the Market and community resources and organizations for their mutual benefits.  We intend to help set up internship experiences in advertising, social media, marketing, design education, hospitality and culinary areas for high school, BOCES and College students. We seek to facilitate, support and sometimes create programs in healthy eating, food preparation, diet, sustainable agriculture, and local economies.

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Local to the region, our market is a “producer-only” market, which means the folks; and their helpers, who sell to you each Saturday are also the people who have grown or produced those products.



Years Serving communities

Here to support the local farm and artisans, the Glns Falls Farmers Market is proud to serve you every week.



New building in the works

After 45 years, the Glens Falls Farmers Market will finally have a home. Stay tuned for more information on a permanent location.


Our Activities

 Activities are opportunities to help the farmers and grow our community.  If you want to say thank you to the farmers, greet your friends, welcome new people to the market, develop new programs or assist with existing ones Activities is where you turn your cares into realities.  Help  out at an event for an hour, join us for a day or wok on an on going basis.  The things we can accomplish are only limited by our dreams and our willingness to volunteer.    






Market Ambassadors help out in various ways at Saturday markets, greeting customers and offering new customers a guide, surveying customers and vendors about their views of the market, and handing out written materials to support the market.  This activity requires a commitment to attend the market for two hours on Saturday morning, 9:30-11:30.



Vendors who attend the market alone are there for many hours without the ability to leave their goods and get a cup of coffee, sit down for lunch, or whatever.  By standing at their stalls for them, We give any who wish the flexibility to leave their stalls for a few minutes between the hours of 10:30 and 11:30. This activity requires a commitment to attend the market for that hour.


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March 2018

The Glens Falls Farmers Market is a reason to come downtown and a reminder to shop local.



Get Involved

Would you like to join us and support the Glens Falls Farmers Market?  We welcome all comers and can find a way for you to help with these programs. You can volunteer with us to work on a particular program of your interest or support the programs financially to help us reach the community in a more powerful way! 



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Volunteer opportunities

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Even the smallest donation makes a difference in our programs and the community.